2019-2020 EVENTS

Valdis and Rūta Muktupāvels

Friday, November 22nd


Seattle Latvian Center

Valdis and Ruta Muktupāvels are highly accomplished musicians and scholars. They have been performing the culturally unique program “My Brothers in White” to Latvian and foreign audiences for several years now, but the concert tour organized by TILTS in November will be their first in North America. In their own words, the concert program is “a dedication to ancient and contemporary Baltic peoples - Latgalians, Selians, Zemgalians, Lithuanians, Yatvingians, Courlanders and Prussians. Vocal and instrumental music from the Baltic lands of Latvia, Lithuania and Eastern Prussia are at the core of our compositions. The presentation will feature ritual, customary and mythological songs, as well as instrumental meditations and collaborations. The music combines ancient traditional melodies with our own original works, creating an unforgettable musical experience celebrating the enchanting and vibrant music of ancient Baltic tribes.